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The flow rate measurement equipments of ITEQ are multipurpose. They allow to measure the nozzles output regardless of the sprayer. All models answer to the actual rules and notably to European standard EN 13 790 which recommends the nozzles output measurement.

A large number of marketed nozzles can be verified by the ITEQ’s benches. 

Download the file "Nozzles output test bench"(pdf) (811 KB)

      Nozzles can be inspected by ITEQ test bench


 Banc pour le contrôle du débit des buses                                                

The principle consists in to measure, for a fixed pressure, the output of the worn nozzles and to compare it with the output of a new nozzle (= nominal value given by the manufacturer). The wear rate of single nozzle and the whole set of nozzles are automatically calculated by the software.

The measurement of the nozzles output is done when they are dismantled from the sprayer or the atomiser. The aim is to...

  • guarantee the quality of the measurement (rightness,  repeatability)
  • ensure the protection of the operator (no contact with the spray) and to have a minimum of comfort (working inside the vehicle)
  • preserve the inspection site and keep it in a good and secure state (no spraying with pesticide’s residues on the soil)

The range of benches for the output measurement is diversified to answer to the specific constraints of the client. ITEQ proposes basic version equipped with analogical sensors as well advanced version with electronic sensors . All versions answer to the requirements of the EN Standard

 Organigramme des versions de banc de mesure de débit

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