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Advanced version is the most asked and sold. This version is equipped with electronic sensors for the output (electromagnetic flowmeter) AND pressure measurements (piezoelectric sensor).

Download the file "Nozzles output test bench"(pdf) (811 KB)

This advanced version offers a lot of advantages…

  • It guarantees the rightness, the precision and the repeatability of the measurements
  • It’s in accordance with the actual standard
  • It makes easier the use with the automatic data acquisition
  • It reduces strongly the « operator effect » and the errors due to the encoding
  • It corrects automatically each measured flow rate with the regression (calibration) line
  • It adjusts automatically the measured flow rate regarding to the deviation between the measured and the nominal pressures
  • It allows to inspect a great number of sprayers a day

The reliability of the advanced version has been proved by the fact that these benches are in service for more than 10 years. Each test bench in Belgium have verified more than 12.000 sprayers ... more than 400.000 nozzles!

The electronic version is fully autonomous regarding the water and needs only a 220 V electric supply (from the network or a generator).



The frame is in aluminium. Two models are proposed : “pallet” and "compact" frame.

The pallet model needs a van to be transported (Boxer – Master – Transit, ...). Advantages are ...

  • Great working area for the operator
  • Integrated tank to wash hands
  • Work inside the van being sheltered from wind and rain
  • Great volume for putting away and administrative works (reporting, signature…)

The compact model is smaller and could be transported by a small van (Partner – Kangoo – Courrier, ...). Advantages are ...

  • Reduced investment for the equipment and the vehicule
  • Test bench can be handled by to persons
  • Vehicle’s changes are made easier in case of several operators


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