Analogical model for a low investment and an accuracy in accordance with standards
The analogical version is an excellent compromise for the operators having a limited number of sprayer to be inspected. It allows nevertheless to realise measurements in accordance to the actual standards. It’s equipped with a mechanical flow meter (Pyrex tube and stainless steel float) and analogical manometer (great diameter,  hight accuracy, glycerine’s bath).

This version...
  • is less expensive than the electronic version.
  • uses analogical sensors with a great accuracy for flow rate and pressure measurements
  • is in accordance with the standards

Download the file "Nozzles output test bench""(pdf) (811 KB)

The basic analogical version...
  • doesn’t need electric supply, but need to be connected to the water supply network
  • can be upgraded. It can equipped later with electronic sensors (exception done for the integrated frame, see hereafter)
  • can be completed with several optional kits.
Image Manomètre à aiguille - glycérine, vis frein, RAS1

Concerning the frame, we distinguish :
  • the same aluminium frames than proposed for the electronic version : pallet and compact
  • a new integrated frame in steel or aluminium
This third specific frame is proposed only for the analogical version. It is ...
  • an integrated model which centralised sensors for the flow rate and pressure measurements at the boom
  • a non upgradable model later to the electronic
For this third frame, the device for the flow rate measurement ...
  • is totally different from the pallet or compact frames, which use a carousel of 60 positions to place the nozzles
  • here the nozzles are positioned one by one with a quick connection
  • the used analogical sensors are similar to the ones proposed on the pallet and compact version
  • the accuracy of the measurement conserves the accordance to the standards
Plateau de mesure - version mécanique
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