Reference manometer for orchard and vineyard sprayers

The reference manometers for the orchard and vineyard sprayers are proposed in kit form being composed of:
  • 2 x 6 reference manometers 0-16/20/25 bars (class 1)
  • 2 sets (to be chosen) of 12 quick connections
  • 2 aluminium frame to position the manometers (this frame can be folded)
  • 12 fittings with calibrated nozzle and filter, and 6 meters long flexible
  • 1 box (type flight case) to transport all the equipment

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Download the file "Pressure measurement"(pdf) (811 KB)

These reference manometers are strong, precise and equipped with hydraulic protection
. They are positioned on 2 aluminium frame (left/right). These frames are compact and light. They can be folded and allow to an easy reading of the manometers.
The specific connections (brass) are screwed on the nozzle holder. Flexible is fixed on this quick connection. This flexible makes the connection between the manometers positioned on the aluminium frame and the spraying arc of the sprayer. Two sets of threaded connection are often enough to manage all atomiser types. Only this solution avoids leaks at the level of the connection, even after an intensive use.

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Box « flight case » type for putting away is also proposed. It allows to transport securely the reference manometers and put away the quick connections. This equipment is of a great quality and very strong.

Those manometers allow to realise several measurements and observations according to the standard EN 13790-2:
  • Pump flow rate and agitation intensity
  • Pressure stability
  • Pressure loss between the working manometer and the boom
  • Pressure symmetry left/right
These manometers can be also used to:
  • Verify the functioning of the working manometer without having to dismantle it from the sprayer
  • Verify the functioning of the compensatory returns
  • Measure the pressure loss inside the arc sections

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