Analogic pressure gauge calibration

The calibration of the manometers submitted to daily strong conditions of use (vibration, shocks,…) is an essential operation that should be realised periodically. However hydraulic and mechanic protections allow to increase the manometer’s life, it could, at term, indicate false values.

The calibration of the manometer is realised with the pressure calibrator where is fixed a reference sensor having a higher precision. 


The calibration consists in:

  • establish increasing pressure on the working manometer
  • read the pressure given by the reference sensor
  • compare these both values and calculate the deviation
  • analyse if the observed deviations are significant

The reference sensor should only be used for the calibration and kept in excellent conditions between the calibrations. Two reference sensors are proposed:

  • Electronic sensor with a very high accuracy (class 0.25 or 0,1) and a full scale of 20 bars. This sensor is adapted to calibrate all used manometers.
  • Analogical manometer equipped with a parallax mirror, of a great precision (class 0,6) with a full scale of 6 bars or 25 bars. Two different reference manometers are needed to verify the manometers for boom or orchards sprayers.

The software proposes table to insert the pressure values (based on the Standard NF EN 837-1) and generates calibration reports.

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