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The 2nd European workshop on the procedures harmonized for the control of the Sprayers in Europe - SPISE (Standardised Procedure for the Inspection of Sprayers in Europe) will be held…

10 April to 12 April 2007 in Straelen (Germany).


All information about 2nd SPISE  to website of BBA .


2nd European Workshop on Standardised Procedure for the Inspection of Sprayers in Europe –SPISE–
begin: 10.04.2007
end: 12.04.2007

A three day workshop at the North-Rhine/Westphalian Chamber of Agriculture
Information and Education Centre for Horticulture
Hans-Tenhaeff-Str. 40-42
47638 Straelen, Germany

The workshop is limited to a maximum of 100 participants.
Plant protection equipment must dose and distribute products exactly and function faultlessly. In order to achieve this, plant protection equipment should be inspected regularly to be able to identify and eliminate any technical defects.
However, there are three main arguments for the inspection:

  • good control of the pest with the minimum possible input of plant protection product
  • less potential risk of environmental contamination by plant protection products
  • safety hazards for the operator

The inspection of plant protection equipment is becoming more and more interesting for the Member States (MS).
The 1st European Workshop, SPISE, took place in April 2004 prompted by the publication of European Standard 13790; the 2nd European Workshop aims to support the MS in introducing inspections for plant protection equipment. This Workshop represents a platform on which to discuss further regulations for introducing, putting into practice and monitoring the inspections in the MS and for co-ordinating them. This can be in the form of lectures, working groups or excursions.
In some MS such as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, equipment inspections have been developed and established over the past few years, and although they are organised in different ways (state-run, private sector), they have all resulted in high-quality technical inspections, ensuring reliable and efficient plant protection equipment.
Within this Workshop, the legal/statutory regulations and technical standards for successful plant protection equipment inspections already in force in the countries stated above are presented as examples and described in detail. By planning excursions to the three MS stated, their practical implementation can be analysed and taken as a basis for implementation in one's own MS.
The corresponding regulations in the three Member States mentioned will be made available in their entirety as an information package which is also intended as an aid for introducing plant protection equipment inspections.
Since the Commission is working on regulations for equipment inspections in the context of the thematic strategy, the 2nd European Workshop will also be an opportunity for reporting on the current situation.
The workshop should be attended by experts who are responsible in their countries for establishing, organising, planning and implementing voluntary or mandatory sprayer inspections as well as for the approval of inspection workshops and facilities. more on SPISE ...


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