Software for the sprayer inspection in conformity with the standard EN 13 790 Print E-mail


The software proposed by ITEQ (SDSoft - Sprayer Diagnostic Software) has been developed for the inspection of all types of sprayers: field crop, orchard, vineyard...
  • Respecting all the requirements of the standard EN 13 790
  • Allowing to customise the inspection requirements and measurement tolerances
  • Keeping the possibility to adapt the SDSoft to local, regional or national requirements
  • Keeping a great user-friendliness

SDSoft software is composed of 4 units whose the technical part is the heart. The other units concern more the management of the inspection. We distinguish...
  • Technical unit – encoding all the inspection data, treatment of the data, reporting and printing
  • Calibration unit – Calibration of the inspection equipment
  • Diary unit – planning the rendezvous and encoding the owner/sprayer characteristics
  • Statistical unit – production of statistics of the inspection data

The interaction between the 4 units is continuous. Technical unit is the only module which can function alone.
Some demonstrations are proposed to visualise the functionalities of the SDSoft software.


Organigramme du logiciel intégré - SDSoft