An optimized management is essential for the success of the technical inspection Print E-mail


The inspection is reliable only if the administration management is optimised. The SDSoft proposes 3 additional units for this optimisation :

  • calibration unit
  • planning unit
  • statistic unit

They have a common basis which is the database « users ».

1. Calibration unit

This tool is essential to realize the periodical calibration of the measurement systems (flow rate and pressure). It allows to...

  • characterise/reference the calibration
  • encode the raw data of the calibration
  • deliver the results and the correction factors of the calibration
  • produce and register a calibration report which is fully traceable

2. Planning unit

This module is very similar to a dynamic organizer allowing to ...

  • establish planning and appointment, and to print them
  • produce labels
  • encode at the office the references of the « customers ». In this, the administrative organizer allows to build up the database which will be used on site during the inspection

3. Statistic unit

This unit allows to make statistic with all the data of the database using filters. The results are transferred to Excel to personalise the presentation.


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