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The technical unit « sprayers inspection » has been developed ...

  • In total conformity with the standard EN 13790 : "Agricultural machinery - sprayers - Inspection of sprayers in use"
    • part 1 : "Field crop sprayers"
    • part 2 : "Air-assisted sprayers for bush and tree crops"
  • Keeping the possibility to adapt to specific requirements (on the basis of an estimate)

The basic version of the Technical unit allows to realise different functions:

  • insert the logo, name and address of the operator
  • configure the inspection criteria, tolerances and the seriousness of the dysfunctions
  • encoding of the inspection data (observed and measured)
  • treatment of the data according to the configuration
  • printing of a didactic report giving the reparations to do and tables with results
  • saving of the report incorruptible format (under acrobat – pdf)
  • building of a database with all the characteristic of the already done inspections
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