Inspection report directly printed and given to the owner of sprayer Print E-mail

To make credible and reliable the inspection, it is essential to:

  • deliver an inspection report directly on the inspection site
  • list the identified defaults and to give advies for the reparation
  • print a document in order to give it to the farmer

The EN 13790 gives no special rules about the inspection software or the report to be given after the inspection. Point 7 simply speficies that :” a report should be given to the user after the inspection on site. This report should mention all the defaults and should inform the user on the reparations to do. The report should also give all the measurements results”.

The report proposed by SDSoft gives notably:

  • characteristics of the operator realizing the inspection (also a logo if necessary)
  • the inspection number
  • characteristics of the sprayer’s owner
  • characteristics of the sprayer
  • final result of the inspection (accepted or rejected)
  • the list of all the defaults classified regarding their gravity : to be repaired immediately – to be repaired as soon as possible – to be followed
  • advise for the reparation of each default
  • all the measured results
  • references to the EN 13790 for each default
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Report are recorded under pdf (Acrobat) files.

One report consists in at least 3 pages (press on the picture to see) :

  • page 1 – characteristics of the inspector, the owner/user and the sprayer. Results of the inspection and advise for the reparation
  • page 2 – Measured results
  • page 3 – Measured results of the nozzle’s testing