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ITEQ developed a new web site for better informing the official prospective customers or services with research of relevant information on the control of the sprayers but also to inform the customers about the last evolutions as for…

... the rationalisation of pesticides



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Internet is the privileged way chosen by ITEQ to communicate quickly on the rationalization of the pesticides with its customers dispersed in several countries.
Web site ITEQ was conceived in order to reach the information wished in a minimum of “clicks”. Basic information is thus viewed quickly and it is possible to know more details on the subjects visited through the downloading zone. Technical documents are available, certain with a preliminary recording.
More specifically, much information are available concerning the control of the sprayers:
  • European directive, international standard, national regulations,…
  • measurement equipment, test benches
  • software allowing the encoding of the observations and the impression of a report
  • formation and consultance on the rationalization of the pesticides
We hope that you will find on our web site what you came there to seek!
Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for technical information or notices in connection with this web site using the page “to contact Us ”.
… excellent visit and beautiful day with you.