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The initial setting consists to...

  • introduce the reference of inspector and his logo (who will appear on each page of the report)
  • choose criteria of control, level of gravity and tolerance (in %) for measurements 

All criteria of EN 13790 are included by default in the software SDSoft. The operator can reduce the number of items and modify the tolerance for the measured criterion.

ITEQ has improved this list by ...

  • the identification of the cause of a defectuosity (in order to be able to advise a repair )
  • the classification of the defect in 3 levels:
    • level 1 : serious defect having to be repaired immediately – red colour
    • level 2 : defect having to be repaired as soon as possible – orange colour
    • level 3 : defect to be supervised – yellow colour


"Initial setting - inspection criteria - EN 13790/1"