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The implementation in 2010 of the future European Directive mean that the 27 EU member states have a mandatory inspection of sprayers according

           ... an organization that will be their own, but on the basis of a common technical protocol. The national law and the implementation decrees will necessarily achieve the objectives specified in the EU Directive (field 2006/0132 (COD) ENV 419-AGRI 263-CODEC 792).

The use of pesticides in modern agriculture of quality remains often necessary. However, in the current économico environment context, it is essential to streamline its use. Each country, through the European Directives, has strict legislation on the approval of Products Plant Protection-PPPs (Directive 91/414/EEC and 98/8/EC), as well as for the control of residues in agricultural products (Guideline for hazardous wastes 91/689/EEC and Regulation 396/2005 on MRL), in water (Water Framework Directive - 2000/60/EC) and the Environment. These measures, however, are insufficient because the intermediate stage "use" is not regulated. Experience shows that the user manages a variable Plant Protection and the state of the sprayer does not usually an optimum implementation.

Projet de Directive Européenne

For these reasons, many countries in Europe and around the world have started activities for inspection of sprayers in use under different protocols and under different administrative organizations. Some steps are mandatory, others are conducted on a voluntary basis.
Germany, Belgium and Holland are pioneers in this field and have established successfully over the years 90 compulsory inspection of sprayers. These 3 countries have incorporated the standard EN 13790 in their technical protocol. For the SPISE II (Standardized Procedure for the Inspection of Sprayers in Europe) in April 2007, a "information package " reflecting the experiences of these 3 countries has been put in line to countries wishing to learn about the establishment for a compulsory.

Furthermore, in order to harmonize these initiatives and to answer to the lack of regulation in the application of PPPs, the European Commission launched in 2002 the Thematic Strategy for the Sustainable Use of Pesticides. The inspection of sprayers in use is an important action forming part of this thematic strategy.

This will provide a legal framework at European level from the Directive which mentioned earlier. The draft directive is currently reading at the Parliament and the European Council

It was endorsed at the end of 2008 with a deadline for transposition into national law of 24 months. This implies that all member countries should have a mandatory inspection in 2010.