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ITEQ exports outside Europe and sells its first measurement equipment to inspect sprayers to Africa 

... following an invitation to tender by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Maritime Fisheries of Morocco.

It was in July 2007 that ITEQ responded to a call from the Ministry of Agriculture of Morocco (department of the Directorate of Plant Protection, the inspection techniques and the Prevention of Fraud - DPVCTRF). The Moroccan government has invested in a monitoring tool to improve the quality of sprayers on the national market. These inspection equipments will also respond to the growing inspection demand from producers exporting to Europe. The engineers of D.P.V.C.T.R.F. have invested in the high-quality measurement equipment according to European constraints. The tender was won by ITEQ through the Moroccan society AFER located in Rabat.

This acquisition will allow agents DPVCTRF to:
  • verify the performance of new sprayers sold on the Moroccan market (national production and import)
  • inspect the sprayers in use (mounted and trailed) which covers about 80% of the sprayed area. This concerns approximately 8800 sprayers (source DPVCTRF). The number of mounted or trailed sprayers will increase because the constraints of higher quality spray, improved accurate rates and a better economic efficiency is difficult to achieve with knapsack sprayers
  • provide an inspection report in conformity with the European standard EN 13790, which provides a list of defects to be repaired, a figure measures, references to the inspection operator and the sprayer owner
  • meet the demand of producers working under quality label EUREPGAP (now GLOBALGAP) and exporting to Europe. Their demand is large and growing in order to obtain a official certificate attesting the proper functioning of their sprayer. This document is essential for them to retain their approval EUREPGAP.

With such a presence in Morocco, ITEQ strengthens its position as a leading company offering equipment and software reference to the official authorities of several countries:
  • Belgium: the Ministry of Agriculture uses measuring equipment offered by ITEQ under the compulsory introduced in 1995
  • France: CEMAGREF and several agricultural high schools (Vesoul high school) have chosen and using the equipment and software offered by ITEQ
  • Spain: the Centre for Mechanization of Lleida (Catalonia), the Agricultural University of Barcelona and the department of plant protection (Galicia) also use products supplied by ITEQ
  • Morocco: the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries - Marine service DPVCTRF has chosen hardware and software ITEQ
  • Poland: the Centre for Agronomic Research in Warsaw and the University of Lublin have measuring equipment offered by ITEQ

The choice of products ITEQ by several official Administrations is a recognition for ITEQ for the seriousness of its products and compliance with international regulations.