ITEQ invites French customers Print E-mail
On Monday 15 February 2010, ITEQ organized a full day meeting with their customers.

One year after sprayers inspection has become mandatory in France (as of 1st January 2009) it was felt important for ITEQ to gather their customers.


In the spirit of continuous improvement to meet customers needs and evolving regulatory requirements ITEQ wanted to:
  • receive customer feedback on their equipments and software
  • align customers on the latest improvements by performing practical demos
  • share ideas for future innovations to improve efficiency of the inspections (reducing inspection time and improving the diagnostic will be beneficial both for the inspector as well as for the farmer).


Moreover we want to develop a network of customers such that they share best practices in sprayer inspection (specificities linked to the different makes and models of field, tree crops or vineyards sprayers), share experience of preparing audits inspection by the regulatory authority, ... The meeting gathered a wide range of customers from newcomers to sprayer inspection to experienced inspectors who inspected more than 800 sprayers in 2009.

Last but not least it was an opportunity for our customers to meet the entire ITEQ team at our manufacturing site and also to share informal feedback while tasting "belgian specialties".

This meeting took take place in Namur , Belgium and it gathered around 35 inspectors and delegates coming from all regions of France.