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SPISE 2007 (Standardised Procedure for the Inspection of Sprayers n Europe).
The 2nd workshop SPISE took place in April 2007 in Straelen in Germany. This meeting gathered more than 100 experts coming from the 27 European countries.

It aims to…

                                 ... to support the MS in introducing inspections for plant protection equipment. This Workshop represents a platform on which to discuss further regulations for introducing, putting into practice and monitoring the inspections in the MS and for coordinating them.

An information package has been presented and provided. It contains extracts and examples of important documents used for the organisation and realisation of the inspection of sprayers in use in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

It is possible to reach this information through the link "information package"

A further 18 contributions and 20 posters were shown by the conference participants in seven sessions.

The excursion to the inspection workshops in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, which have been carrying out obligatory inspections for several years now, aimed also at pointing out the specific differences in practice between the countries, the results of which however all assure reliable inspections of high technical quality for the field and air-assisted sprayers in use in the Member States mentioned.

Finally, the participants passed a resolution with recommendations which were to be considered in further consultations for introducing an obligatory inspection to Europe.