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     ... was published on October 12,2011 by the GIPPulvés

It currently contains 100 inspection centers accredited by the GIPPulvés (public interest group created to lead and coordinate actions related to the mandatory inspection of sprayers in France).
Among these official centers, 49 use ITEQ equipment and software.

These figures - almost 50% of the market:

  • are a good indicator of the great confidence the people have placed in ITEQ products, the team and the after sales service
  • allow to have a significant feedback from our customers to constantly improve our measurement equipment and software
  • allow us to continue to grow  our international experience related to the inspection of sprayers (knowledge of the implementation of a mandatory inspection system, creation of inspection centers, training, practical problems of the inspectors, ...).

You can download this list through the link below (Official list in french!).

"Liste des Organismes d'Inspection agréés par le GIP Pulvés (12 octobre 2011)"(pdf) (685 KB) 

Liste OI en France 

Localisation géographique des OI en France