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ITEQ has developed a new multifunction tray for the measurement of the flowrate.

... The new tray is designed to hold any type of bayonet screw (¼) nozzle holder with their nozzle inserted. Using this new tray will help inspectors to be even more efficient during the measurement of the flowrate as they will skip the tedious operation of taking off the gasket and nozzle out of the nozzle holder (...and putting them back in place after flowrate measurement). 

Main characteristics are :
  • Similar dimensions as the regular tray that holds 60 nozzles (without holder).
  • easy to swap trays depending on the testers' needs (nozzles outside- or attached to the nozzle holder)
  • possibility to test 32 nozzles attached to their nozzle holder  (+ dual numbering from 1 to 32 and 33 to 64)

 Tray with all inserted nozzles Tray with Nozal nozzles

Models of nozzles holders that can be positionned on the tray:
  • Inserted nozzles : Nozal (FX, DX, RX), Hardi (Colortip), Teejet (XRC, AIC), Albuz (Fastcap API/AXI) and some AgroTop
  • several bayonet screw (¼) nozzle holder : all nozzles fitting normalized screws like Teejet (most Arag and Kuhn) but also different makes like Evrard, Matrot, Delvano, Beyne, ...
The tray has been designed and patented to hold efficiently as many different nozzle holders from various manufacturers as possible.

This tray represents a real improvement as if there is an ISO-certified standard for nozzles (color-code , dimensions) up to now there was no standard for the  nozzle holders.

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New patented design