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« What the software can do ? »
The software is divided into 4 units:
Unit 1 (technical) : by default, it takes up all the requirements of the European Standard EN 13790 parts 1 and 2 (it is nevertheless possible to set the inspection requirements and the tolerances). The encoding of the visual or measured observations is very easy. Recording and printing of the user’s report are integrated ;
Unit 2 (calibration) : it allows to realize easily the periodical calibration of the equipments (flow rate test bench and manometer for the inspection). Recording and printing of the report are integrated. The traceability between the equipment and the international standard can be established (COFRAC, BELAC, …) ;
Unit 3 (organizer/diary) : it allows to encode the references of the « customers», to establish daily planning, to print labels, to build up the database “users”;
Unit 4 (statistic) : it allows to use the database and to establish statistics on the inspection results.

« Is it possible to print a report for the farmer ? »

Yes. When all the information of the inspection are recorded, the software analyse the results and produce a report easy to understand, giving all the necessary advices for the repairing and the results of the measurements. The operator can print it directly on the inspection site and give it to the farmer.

« Do the software function on all computer ? »
No. The computer should meet at least the following performances :
Computer : PIII 500 MHz, 256 (better 512) Mo Ram, HD 20 Go, keyboard and mouse ; if you prefer a laptop, a serial port is needed to realise the automatic encoding via RS232 (if not, a converter USB/serial would be necessary).
System : Windows 2000pro or XP ;
Screen : VGA 800/600, resolution 256 colors (16 Mo preferable).

“Does the software meet the international standards into force? ”
Yes. There are few recommendations related to the software in the standard EN 13790.
It is simply specified: “a report of inspection must be given to the user immediately after control on the site of control. This report must present all dysfunctions of the sprayers and inform the user of repairs to be carried out on its material. The report of inspection must also include the results of measurements”.
Unit 1 of SDSoft allows that and even more through the management units.

“Is it possible to reprint a inspection report? ”

 Yes. At the end of inspection and recording, a report is generated with format “pdf” and the data of control are stored in a data base.
This report under format “pdf” can obviously be again printed but it is not any more éditable as such (fixed format). On the other hand, it is possible to recover the whole of the data of the user of which one wants to adapt some data and to again generate a report under format “pdf” which will bear another name.

“Can one use this program with equipment of measurement other than ITEQ? ”
Yes. To use the software in partnership with our equipment makes it possible the operator professionally to operate by respecting the standards.
Nevertheless, there is possibility of using other equipment of measurement with our software, the encodings of measurements being able to be manual.


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