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Sprayer inspection can be summarised to measurement of pressure and flow rate associated to a great number of visual controls. It is nevertheless useful to have some little materials so as to lead some verifications required by the EN 13790. ITEQ proposes the following tools (non exhaustive list)...

  • String (to verify the straightness of the boom)
  • Supple tube to fix to the boom (to verify the volume/hectare)
  • Test tube (2 litres - precision 1 %) to measure the sprayed volume collected by the supple tube (to verify the volume/hectare)
  • chronometer the forward speed of the sprayer (to verify the volume/hectare)
  • Ranging-pole to delimitate the testing track (to verify the volume/hectare)
  • Measuring tape (50 m) to define the distance of the testing track (to verify the volume/hectare)
  • Folding rule (to verify the nozzle’s distance and the straightness of the boom)
  • Little digital manometer (to measure the pressure in the air clock)
  • Hand-held pump (to pump up the air clock)
  • Tool chest with a set of current spanners, universal spanner, pliers, screwdrivers, hammer,...
  • ...

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