Calibration of measurement equipments and tracability Print E-mail

The calibration of the equipments submitted to daily strong conditions of use (vibration, shocks,…) is an essential operation that should be realised periodically. Regular calibration allows to...
  • Verify the good functioning of the sensors
  • Make more reliable the measurements
  • Prove that the measurement devices are in good functioning and answer always to their initial precision through the calibration report
  • Guarantee the traceability of the inspection using measurement devices reconnected to international standards
  • Have at disposal indisputable documents in case of contradiction or dispute

Regular calibration reinforces the credibility of the inspection and makes the users confident.

ITEQ proposes specific software allowing to manage completely the calibration of the measurement devices (flow rate and pressure). It is composed of…
  • tables to insert the data
  • routine to treat the data
  • module to save and print the calibration reports (in pdf format)

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