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Traceability can be defined as being…

« ... property of a result of a measurement or a standard such as it can be linked to determined references, generally national or international standards, by mean of an unbroken chain of comparisons having all determined uncertainties of measurement.» (ISBN 92-67-01075-1).

ITEQ can help the operator, making sprayer inspection, to master this traceability...
  • Advising him about the calibration of his equipments (training and software)
  • Proposing him the ITEQ software implemented with the unit "calibration" which produces calibration report in pdf format.
  • Giving him standard materials for the calibration. These materials can be linked to recognised standards through certificates delivered by accredited organisations by the COFRAC (F), BELTEST (B), ENAC (Es), DKD (G), UKAS (GB),...

Traceability exists when a measurement is realised. Traceability becomes useful, maybe essential, when sprayer inspection is implemented. Consequences of a negative result could be critical for the farmer … and sometimes also for the operator himself:
  • Rejection of a sprayer with obligation to repair and to pay a second inspection
  • Dysfunction of new spare parts with a comeback to the manufacturer and a claim for contradictory tests
  • Delivery of a negative report having as consequence for the user a non-renewal of his contract (under label or…)
  • Introduction of an appeal by the user which contests the results of the inspection
  • ...
It is essential for the operator making the inspection to prove that the measurement equipments are accurate, answer to the standard requirements and also that they have been calibrated regularly.

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