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The calibration of the test bench for the nozzles flow rate measurement is similar for the electronic or analogical versions.

It is a global calibration of the test bench and not a calibration of each sensor taken alone. This simple and practical protocol allows to take into account…
  • the precision and the functioning state of the flow meter
  • the precision and the functioning state of the pressure sensor
  • the little but unavoidable influence of the assembly of the bench components
  • the operator’s influence in some cases

The calibration consists in...
  • measure, with the ITEQ test bench, the output of reference nozzles whose we know the output with a great accuracy
  • compare those both outputs
  • calculate the regression line to obtain the 2 factors of correction (a and b)
  • integer these coefficients in the calculation
  • use the software which correct automatically each measured flow rate

The standard kit is composed of one set of 4 ceramic nozzles whose we have measured the output with a specific measurement device of a high accuracy.
The 4 nozzles have an increasing size (from 0.5 to 2.5 l/min at 3 bar) to cover the output range currently met in the practice). The 4 standard nozzles are delivered with a calibration form (3 repetitions, average and standard deviation).

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